The Emerson, Goathorn and Jacobite Projects, British Columbia


Emerson, Goathorn and Jakobite are located within British Columbia’s Stikine Terrane in west-central British Columbia (Figure 1.) Several intrusive suites cut Stikine Terrane volcanic and sedimentary rocks in the vicinity of the three properties, the most important of which are the Bulkley (61-85 Ma) and Babine (~50 Ma) Plutonic Suites. Successful open pit mines have been developed on Cu-Au porphyry deposits belonging to both the Bulkley and Babine suites over the past few decades including past producers Granisle, Bell Copper, and Huckleberry. (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Location map for the Emerson, Goathorn and Jacobite projects

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Mr. Warren Bates, P. Geo (APGO#0211), the Company’s Director of Property Investigation, is the Qualified Person for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101, and has reviewed and approved the technical information herein.

Emerson and Goathorn rock sample preparation and geochemical analysis were undertaken by ALS Minerals at their North Vancouver facility. All 2019 rock samples were analyzed for gold (AU-AA23) and 35 elements by ICP- AES using an aqua regia digestion (ME-ICP41). In addition, 2018 Goathorn sample Q932311 was re-analyzed (as Q932315) for a suite of whole rock major and trace elements by fusion/XRF (ME-XRF26) and lithium borate fusion ICP-MS (ME-MS81).

Sample preparation and chemical analyses for the 2019 Jacobite soil samples were done by ALS Minerals in Terrace and North Vancouver.  Unsplit soil samples were screened to -180μ then analyzed for gold (AU-AA23) and 50 elements by ICP-MS using an aqua regia digestion (ME-MS41).  Given the limited number of 2019 geochemical samples, no QA/QC analyses (blanks, duplicates, standards) were performed except for those from the internal laboratory QA/QC protocol.

Six Emerson and two Goathorn rock specimens were submitted for polished thin section preparation to Vancouver Petrographics in Langley, BC. These polished sections were described petrographically by Dr. Fabrizio Colombo of Ultra Petrography & Geoscience Inc.

U-Pb geochronometry analysis was conducted on selected altered quartz-feldspar porphyry rock samples from Emerson and Goathorn at the Pacific Centre for Isotopic and Geochemical Research at UBC in Vancouver.