The Jacobite Project

The road-accessible Jacobite property consists of 11 contiguous mineral claims covering 17.7 km2 that are located 70 km NNE of Smithers and 55 km NE of Hazelton, B.C. On the Jacobite property, both Bulkley and Babine intrusives cut Cretaceous stratified rocks (Skeena Group clastics to the west and Kasalka Group andesites to the east). A 50 to 500 metre wide by >1,600 metre long east-west Babine feldspar±hornblende±biotite porphyry dyke runs along the southern property boundary. The dyke has been affected by a complex pattern of alteration ranging from no alteration to propylitic to phyllic alteration. A few outcrops of quartz-feldspar porphyry and granodiorite to its west are believed to be apophyses of the Bulkley stock exposed south of the Jacobite property. No significant mineralization has yet been found on the property. In 2019, a former operator cut five 2500-2700 m lines separated by 400 to 800 m in preparation for an IP survey which was not completed before the project was returned to the Vendors. One hundred and forty soil samples were collected at 50 or 100 m intervals along the cut lines, yielding a 750 metre interval along one line with 8 soil samples exceeding 8.9 ppm Mo (>80th percentile) and another 3 exceeding 500 ppm Cu (>98th percentile) A porphyry exploration target measuring 500 x 950 metres is suggested by historic IP and ground magnetic surveys and the 2019 soil geochemistry in an area with no mapped outcrops. The target contains anomalous Mo-in-soil and Cu-in-soil values within an area of moderate chargeability response and moderately high magnetic response on the flanks of a chargeability high. The geophysical and geochemical signature could represent mineralized potassic alteration surrounded by a pyrite halo, similar to the setting of the Granisle and Bell Copper porphyry deposits of the Babine Plutonic Suite. The property has never been drilled.