Greg Hill’s Audio Clips Describe Early Progress at Rosebud Mine


Today we are introducing something new to our audience. The voices of our geologists describing their work to you.

I believe it is imperative that investors in exploration companies “get a feel” for the work geologists do; how they think, how they view the world, and particularly how they view the properties you invest in.

Included are three brief audio clips of Greg Hill, President of Harvest Gold Corp. (US), discussing his approach to our Rosebud Mine property. As I hope you will discover, planning a drill program is a sophisticated and careful process.

We’ve also included the press release announcing the formal closing of the $300,000 HVG financing dedicated in part to financing the Rosebud Mine activities Greg speaks of below.

Greg Hill, President, Harvest Gold Corp. (US) discusses his Geochem soil sampling program and what it is telling him about the Rosebud Mine property.

Collecting the Soil Grid    (2 minutes)

Greg describes “What the geology is telling us” as he recounts details from visits to the property

What the Geology is telling Us  (2 minutes)

Greg introduces his approach to the systematic collection and analysis of the considerable historical data that the Rosebud Mine property holds.

Historical Data  (1 minute)



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